An internationally-renowned event and a major reference for professionals in wine-arboriculture-vegetable and brewing production sectors, VINITECH-SIFEL offers a comprehensive programme and a full range of services to boost your business and support your growth.

Why should you exhibit at VINITECH-SIFEL 2022? 


For its next physical edition, VINITECH-SIFEL brings you all the levers to boost your business and meet the needs of professionals in the wine, arboriculture, brewing and vegetable production sectors. This is an opportunity to find new markets, break into the international circuit, form partnerships and build your reputation.

The trade show is designed for the professional sector and exhibitors have access to all the essential tools required to enhance their business. Secure your presence by registering now for your exhibitor pass !

New exhibitors, benefit from financial support for your participation!

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VINITECH-SIFEL’s engagements to ensure your success at the fair

VINITECH-SIFEL is a key event for visitors and exhibitors alike, where professionals play an active role in the programme.

It’s no coincidence this trade show has become an international benchmark for the Wine, Arboriculture and Vegetable sectors.

To help you get the most out of the 2022 edition and boost your business, VINITECH-SIFEL brings you its full support. The fair is built on 4 values to which we are firmly committed: pro-activeness, professionalism, business and innovation. Our sales team is at your side, bringing its full support as soon as you register and helping you to optimise your ROI.

What are the advantages of exhibiting at the VINITECH-SIFEL fair? 


VINITECH-SIFEL is THE business event for the wine sector. It’s the place to be to foster exchange with other professionals from your sector and to learn more about the challenges of the future.

There are plenty of good reasons to join us for next physical edition.



It is THE bi-annual event to share moments of conviviality with our French and foreign customers. Vinitech-Sifel is a great opportunity to meet new people and prospect for new business.



VINITECH-SIFEL enables you to boost your reputation and promote your innovations

With around 45,000 professionals in attendance over three days, VINITECH-SIFEL offers  the perfect showcase to attract new prospects and present new products to your customers. Given that 66% of our visitors come to discover new products and innovations, this is a golden opportunity to promote your business.

VINITECH-SIFEL offers a gateway to the international market 

International visitors represent 17% of attendees. More than 35 delegations of high investment potential are represented. The majority of investors are European, but many key export countries (Australia, China, New Zealand, the Americas and the Middle East) are also present.

VINITECH-SIFEL, the trade show designed by and for wine sector professionals 

For three days running, you’ll have the opportunity to devote yourself fully to your business sector. Meet new prospects, build up your network and discuss the topics that affect you on a daily basis. The show is designed by the reference bodies in each sector. This guarantees service and solution offers which meet the real challenges of the moment.

VINITECH-SIFEL facilitates meetings and the sharing of innovative solutions in a professional yet convivial atmosphere 

The show is geared towards all buyers, stakeholders and service providers in the sector. In 2018, more than 2 in 3 visitors were business owners or managers. The aim of VINITECH-SIFEL is also to provide everyone with an ideal venue for discussion, so take advantage of the range of sections, themed pathways, tasting sessions or conferences. You may even invite your customers to a relaxed and friendly after-work event! 

As Delphine DEMADE, Director of VINITECH-SIFEL points out: "Our trade show is seen as a pluralistic platform for exchange. It enables all visitors, regardless of the size of their business or farm and whatever their production, to find their place and discover the advances that will improve their practices on a daily basis. VINITECH-SIFEL offers tailor-made solutions. This is the key message we hope to convey".

 In which area should I exhibit in order to best promote my offer?

Unmissable events, 5 activity sections and numerous highlights...the VINITECH-SIFEL programme is organised is such a way as to enable each visitor to meet you and discover your business. The proof in figures: more than 2 in 3 visitors are key decision-makers looking to find innovations.

Vinitech is for us the historical exhibition of the sector, it is important for us to be part of it. We are looking forward to gathering our customers again at this important event for the wine industry.

Caroline Frouin - Marketing Manager - H&A Location

variety of sections to enable visitors to clearly identify you 

For a fair representation of each sector and to enable exhibitors to meet prospects and customers in the best conditions, VINITECH-SIFEL offers several exhibition sections. There’s a place for you!

  • Cultivation Techniques
  • Wine Cellars and Warehouses
  • Bottling and Packaging
  • Services

Themed pathways for transversal offers 

A multitude of crossovers exist between perennial plants and wine-growing with numerous opportunities for technical transfers, enabling all sectors to meet collective challenges and current issues. 

VINITECH-SIFEL is offering five themed pathways: Low carbon, Fruit & Vegetable, Organic, Sparkling wines and Brandy. Each pathway is designed to promote the solutions offered by our exhibitors and allow visitors to find the products they are interested in rapidly.

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