Innovation Trophies

Since 1981, VINITECH-SIFEL has been rewarding exhibitors who design forward-thinking solutions, through its Innovation Trophies. More than just an award, these Trophies, which are open to suppliers of equipment, processes or techniques, represent genuine recognition of the sector and a powerful sales and marketing lever.

Viti-Tunnel, Special Jury Prize 2022

Where are they now ?

Patrick Delmarre President of Mo.Del and designer of the Viti-Tunnel   

Since 2022, what have been the major development milestones for your company Mo.Del and Viti tunnel?

Since 2022, we've achieved some major milestones. It all started with recognition at Vinitech-Sifel with our prize at the Trophée de l'Innovation, followed by obtaining a support contract from BPI France, the creation of our head office and the opening of new offices, in January 2023. We then expanded our team with the creation of several new positions (logistics production, design engineer, industrial draughtsman, buyer, communications, etc.), supported by a team of 3 consultants. Since February 2024, we have been prospecting for a production plant to develop the pre-industrialization phase. And this March, we are finalizing our marketable device.

What impact has this award had on your reputation?

Winning the Special Jury Prize at the Innovation Trophy gave the Viti-Tunnel project a high profile, with interviews and articles in the national and specialist press. This exposure enabled members of the profession to learn more about Viti-Tunnel and its benefits for viticulture. Numerous potential customers and investors came forward.

And where are you today with Viti-Tunnel? Is your innovation still evolving?

We are currently in the pre-industrialization phase. Our technical teams are involved in the continuous improvement of the Viti-Tunnel to offer the most reliable and functional marketable version.

For 2024, MO.DEL is preparing a new, larger-scale experimentation phase. Our aim is to deploy Viti-Tunnel on large plots (10 to 15 rows) in order to analyze the impact of the device on viticultural practices (mechanical work, human intervention, etc.) and landscapes, to demonstrate its operational feasibility, its adaptability to farming practices and constraints, and to assess its environmental impact. We are currently installing these devices in the vineyards of our partner estates for a minimum period of 2 years.


Apply for the Innovation Trophies

Who can enter the Innovation Trophies competition?

The trophies are open to any exhibitor registered for the next edition of the show, wishing to present an innovative product or service, which has never been presented at another innovation competition.

  • The registration platform opens on Monday 04 March 2024.
  • The registration platform will close on Friday 21 June 2024.

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What are the selection criteria for the Innovation Trophies?  


To reach a verdict on the competing innovations, the judging panel refers to a table of precise criteria: originality, user benefits, technical and economic benefits, environmental impact, safety and ergonomics are all examined carefully. Each application is submitted for evaluation by three experts, under the supervision of a lead expert. The panel has a period of two and a half months in which to reach its verdict, during which each member carries out several checks: visits to the applicant company's site, tests of the equipment, meetings with consultant experts, etc.

Who are the experts on the judging panel for the Innovation Trophies? 

The best innovations are chosen by the Vinitech-Sifel Scientific and Technical Committee, co-chaired by Sébastien Cavaignac and Christophe Riou.

Why enter the Innovation Trophies competition? 

The trophies offer all the winning companies a considerable sales and marketing springboard.
Showcasing of the winners during the show and publicity via the VINITECH-SIFEL communication tools and the press ensure effective reach to investor visitors and national and international media.

In addition, the winner of the Special Jury Prize will be rewarded with an endowment of 5000€.