Attend the symposiums, major moments of the Vinitech-Sifel program!

Take advantage of the show to discover the latest advances and improve practices in your sector by attending the conferences scheduled for Wednesday!

Two key themes at the heart of the show

Meet in Room C of the Palais 2 l'Atlantique, just next to Hall 1, to discuss the current and future challenges facing your sector. If you are not present at the show, take advantage of the streaming of the conferences on the platform.


Wednesday 30 November from 9am to 12pm

The symposium « Vines in revolution: between Traditions and Innovations »

Adaptation to climate change, the need for agro-ecological transition, competitive challenges, changing consumer expectations... there is no shortage of issues at stake in the 21st century for the wine industry, which must constantly reinvent itself.


Wednesday 30th November from 2pm to 4.30pm

The symposium « Agrivoltaics, Fruit, Vegetables and Viticulture »

Agrivolatism is today an integral part of the solar strategy towards decarbonisation and energy sovereignty. It provides a solution to the land dispute between food and energy production. It allows the adaptation of cultivation systems to climate change by providing protection against extreme conditions (frost, hail, heat waves, etc.). A real synergy is possible.

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