Cultivation Techniques

Want to discover the latest innovations and equipment designed to aid cultivation techniques? That's also what VINITECH-SIFEL is here to do! In 2022 Hundreds of professionals present the tools and references of today and tomorrow.

Cultivation techniques: room for innovation

Equipment and services dedicated to cultivation techniques

The Cultivation Techniques area covers one third of the fair. Discover techniques related to vine, fruit and vegetable production. All equipment designed for production management is showcased, including tractors, tillers and soil maintenance tools, fertilisers, robotics, sprayers, grape harvesters, etc. Discover the new products that will support your business and boost your development.
You will also discover all the equipment needed to meet the new ecophyto and agro-ecological requirements: organic pest control and alternatives to pesticides, in particular. Key support and solutions to meet your new environmental and economic challenges in all sectors: vine-growing, winemaking, arboriculture and vegetable production.

A comprehensive and international professional offer

VINITECH-SIFEL also affords ample opportunities to exchange with other professionals. To optimise your visit, you can choose from 5 pathways: Low Carbon, Organic, Fruit & Vegetables, Spirits, and Sparkling Wine. We have made our offering easier to understand to enable you to delve deep into the heart of the matters that interest you, and to identify the players in your sector, from young start-ups to major brands.
VINITECH-SIFEL furthermore, this opportunity includes exhibitors from several countries, enabling you to discover the growing techniques used internationally. Be inspired and open your business to new partners! To make contacts and prepare your visit, plan your schedule online and take advantage of the mobile application devoted to business meetings.