The health crisis surrounding the spread of COVID-19 and the government measures implemented to remedy it are exposing economic stakeholders to very immediate difficulties. Faced with this situation, the Vinitech-Sifel team is more mobilised than ever and is on hand at all times to respond to your expectations or answer any questions you might have. We would like to reassert that we remain hard at work on preparing Vinitech-Sifel and confirm that it will be held from 1st to 3 December 2020. Guided by our Scientific and Technical Committee, Vinitech-Sifel will be addressing issues such as the latest innovations in vine-growing and winemaking for the future. We are hard at work to make sure that everyone can find the answer to their challenges at the trade show. - The VINITECH-SIFEL team


Meet our experts

For this 2020 vintage, VINITECH-SIFEL is drawing renewed support from an outstanding Scientific and Technical Committee made up of professionals and active, passionate scientists.

Who are the experts behind VINITECH-SIFEL ?

What is the role of the scientific and technical committee ?  

The Scientific and Technical Committee was created to provide VINITECH-SIFEL with professional expertise, ensure coherence between the trade show and the expectations and needs of the sector, and to guarantee the scientific quality and integrity of the topics addressed during the conferences.

The committee meets once a month in the run-up to the fair and supports the event through its decision-making and day-to-day implementation.  

Are the key players in the wine, arboriculture and vegetable sectors represented ?  

Delphine DEMADE, director of the show, insists on the multidisciplinarity of the experts that make up this committee. Teacher-researchers, engineers from technical institutions, engineers from the Chamber of Agriculture and sector representatives, these specialists are co-chaired by Christophe RIOU, Deputy Director of the IFV [French Institute of Vine & Wine Science] and Pierre GAILLARD, Director of INVENIO [Nouvelle Aquitaine Experimentation Centre for Fruit & Vegetables].

Who are the members of the 2020 Committee ?

Prior to the announcement of the members of the 2020 Committee, see the list of members for the 2018 edition :
Click here to view the list
  • Pierre GAILLARD - Co-président jury
  • Christophe RIOU - Co-président jury
  • Alain Pierre BERTRAND
  • Marie-Madeleine CAILLET
  • Pascal GUILBAULT 
  • Bernard HÉBRARD
  • Philippe LAVEIX
  • Nathalie OLLAT
  • Johannes RÖSTI
  • Corinne SCOTTO
  • Pierre-Louis TEISSEDRE
  • Emmanuel VINSONNEAU
  • Karine BARRIERE
  • Gilles BRIANCEAU
  • Muriel BARTHE
  • Huber CAZALIS
  • Thomas CRESTEY
  • Jacques GRANGER
  • Philippe REULET 
  • Bruno TISSEYRE
  • Maude LE CORRE
  • Gilles DE REVEL
  • Marie-Catherine DUFOUR
  • Basilio Izquierdo TORRES
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