Key figures

Discover the key figures of Vinitech Sifel.

The meeting place for all wine growers and producers

Figures speak for themselves: Vinitech Sifel 2016 hosted over 850 exhibitors within a 65,000 sqm exhibition space and welcomed 45,000 trade visitors, whose 15% came from abroad.

The sector’s international gathering place

European countries lead in visitors to Bordeaux: Spain,  Italy,  Portugal,  Germany,  Switzerland.

Visitors also come from Latin America (Bolivia, Mexico) as well as from Eastern Europe (Croatia,  Géorgia,  Moldavia,  Russia,  Ukraine… ).

To sum up, over 80 countries are represented at Vinitech Sifel.

An appointment acclaimed by all

The 2016 edition of Vinitech Sifel was particularly appreciated by professionals :
  • 79% of visitors are satisfied with their participation in Vinitech Sifel 2016.
  • 88% of exhibitor consider having good contact with their clients.
  • 81% of exhibitors involved in Vinitech Sifel are willing to come for the 2018’s edition.
  • Visitor satisfaction rate remains very high with 96% for Vinitech Sifel 2016.
  • 91% of them intend to visit the fair in 2018.
  • Vinitech Sifel is still the place to be for exchange and dialogue for 96% of visitors.
  • 85% of them believe that there are trends in wine-growing and arboriculture.
  • According to 76% of visitors, Vinitech Sifel is a generator of innovative ideas: the exhibition offers various ideas to prepare the future.

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