2018 results

A rise in international attendance with visitors from more than 70 countries, the presence of qualified buyers and virtually fully-booked conferences throughout the 3 days of the event: VINITECH-SIFEL 2018 was a great vintage.

What are the key figures for the 2018 edition ?  

How effective was the trade show for contacts ?

Exhibitors considered the level of contacts made to be very good to excellent. Post-show surveys confirmed that more than 1 in 2 visitors came to VINITECH-SIFEL with a sales goal in mind. Whether prospecting for new suppliers or meeting current providers with a view to an upcoming investment, VINITECH-SIFEL visitors come as buyers.   

What was the attendance level ?  

Attendance figures for the 2018 edition were good, despite a first day hit by disruptions due to the Yellow Vest movement. The attendance level remained steady in comparison with the previous edition, with a total of 44,937 visitors.

International attendance increased significantly with growth rates of between 20% and 111%.  Visitors from nearby Spain were also severely affected by the Yellow Vest blockades. Spain nevertheless remains the leading foreign attendee.

Who are the visitors to VINITECH-SIFEL ? 

VINITECH-SIFEL is a key event on the international circuit, welcoming 45,000 professionals from more than 70 countries and 83% French visitors.

These visitors hold senior positions: 68% are company directors, executives or operation managers. The majority come from the wine sector (77%) with 24% of this group from a secondary activity.  

Among the activities represented, wine-growers hold first place for attendance (44% of visitors), followed by service providers in the wine & spirits sector (16%), wine merchants (10%), agricultural cooperatives (7%), oenologists (6%), official institutions and research bodies (6%) and fruit & veg producers (4%).  

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