The health crisis surrounding the spread of COVID-19 and the government measures implemented to remedy it are exposing economic stakeholders to very immediate difficulties. Faced with this situation, the Vinitech-Sifel team is more mobilised than ever and is on hand at all times to respond to your expectations or answer any questions you might have. We would like to reassert that we remain hard at work on preparing Vinitech-Sifel and confirm that it will be held from 1st to 3 December 2020. Guided by our Scientific and Technical Committee, Vinitech-Sifel will be addressing issues such as the latest innovations in vine-growing and winemaking for the future. We are hard at work to make sure that everyone can find the answer to their challenges at the trade show. - The VINITECH-SIFEL team


The trade show

As an international event and a benchmark for professionals in the wine-arboriculture-vegetable production sectors, VINITECH-SIFEL boasts a comprehensive programme focused on innovation.

What is on the programme at VINITECH-SIFEL ?

What makes VINITECH-SIFEL the international event for innovation ?  


VINITECH-SIFEL is designed by professionals, for professionals. All the key players in the wine and vegetable production sectors work together to decide on the content and aims of the trade show.

Thanks to all the efforts of a Scientific and Technical Committee composed of renowned multi-disciplinary experts, VINITECH-SIFEL has become the international showcase for innovations in its sector.  

Does VINITECH-SIFEL represent the whole wine-arboriculture-vegetable production sector ?  

The international dimension and broad sectoral coverage are among the key features of this fair; with 1,200 brands represented, the event is structured around 5 business sections and multiple themed pathways (Organics, Fruit & Veg or Spirits, etc.) to offer a rich yet easy-to-organise visit. Everything is designed to offer the best possible visitor experience and keep right up to date with the latest events in the wine, arboriculture and vegetable production sectors!

4 exhibition sectors and 1 dedicated meeting & innovation hub to promote offers, identify stakeholders and optimise the visit experience 

The event kicks off with Cultivation Techniques, showcasing all types of agricultural equipment. Traction, ploughing and maintenance, nurseries and plantations, fertilisation, phytosanitary treatment, pruning and vine care, harvesting, plant-care products and fertilisers, etc. Discover the technologies and innovations to reduce labour, optimise your work time and boost the productivity of your operation!

Are you looking to renovate your wine cellar or equip your warehouse? Visit the Wine Cellars and Warehouses section, where you’ll find everything you need for your winery.

Harvesting transport, reception, and processing equipment, vinification and storage vats, analysis and laboratory tools or oenological products, you’ll find everything you need to produce high-quality wines. 

Are you looking for Bottling and Packaging solutions? Head straight for the section of the same name to discover high-performance bottling lines, or innovative bottles, corks and labels, in addition to the latest products to support the sale of your wines or juices.

Stop at the Services section, where you’ll find all the auditing, display, marketing, press and publishing solutions to meet your needs and boost your business.

Before leaving, make a last stop at the Meeting and Innovation section! Attend a discussion on the latest issues in the Conference area, discover the sector’s budding entrepreneurs in the Start-Up area, take part in a sensory analysis session at the Wine and Spirit Profiling area, build up your contacts at the Job Sphere and round off your visit with a well-deserved glass of wine at the International Village!

CSR, Organics, Fruit & Vegetables or Brandy: dedicated pathways to enhance the transversal offer across various sectors

The 4 themed pathways of VINITECH-SIFEL offer tailor-made visits with specific signposting. An invaluable tool to make the most of your time and optimize your visit.

New in 2020, the CSR pathway identifies exhibitors who lead a responsible strategy within their company.

A multitude of crossovers exist between perennial plants and wine-growing, with numerous opportunities for technical transfers, all to be discovered along the Fruit and Vegetable pathway. 

For certified or converting producers, the Organic pathway will provide you with offers adapted to your business. 

Initiated in 2018, the Brandy pathway brings professionals together to discuss wine & spirits production, and to showcase the solutions and benefits of research in this sector.

What are the must-sees at the 2020 edition of VINITECH-SIFEL ?

There are a host of events showcasing the ability of the sectors to rally their innovative and creative strengths to meet the challenges of the transition to efficient, sustainable agriculture.

The Innovation Trophies

In September, the panel of experts for the VINITECH-SIFEL Innovation Trophies will meet in Bordeaux to choose the 2020 winners of this competition of excellence in innovative equipment, processes and techniques by exhibitors.

After judging, different prizes will be awarded to the winning entries, to be announced in advance by the media and showcased during the fair.

Gold, silver or bronze trophies, the Jury’s Special Prize or Mentions, who will the winners of the 2020 edition be?

The Test Drive Center: See the latest innovations for yourself

Do you need to invest in new machinery to facilitate your tasks and improve the efficiency of your operation? Don’t miss the Test Drive Center where you can see live demonstrations and test innovations.

The Conference area, to learn about new practices in the sector

From 1 to 3 December 2020, you’ll have the opportunity to take part in open discussions on the hot topics of the sector and discover the latest advances to improve operations on a daily level.

Programme available as of 1 July 2020.

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