The health crisis surrounding the spread of COVID-19 and the government measures implemented to remedy it are exposing economic stakeholders to very immediate difficulties. Faced with this situation, the Vinitech-Sifel team is more mobilised than ever and is on hand at all times to respond to your expectations or answer any questions you might have. We would like to reassert that we remain hard at work on preparing Vinitech-Sifel and confirm that it will be held from 1st to 3 December 2020. Guided by our Scientific and Technical Committee, Vinitech-Sifel will be addressing issues such as the latest innovations in vine-growing and winemaking for the future. We are hard at work to make sure that everyone can find the answer to their challenges at the trade show. - The VINITECH-SIFEL team


The pathways

To optimise your visit to the VINITECH-SIFEL exhibition, we offer 5 themed pathways corresponding to your activities in order to save you time and improve the quality of your visit.

Follow our guide to the pathways!

5 themes, 5 pathways

VINITECH-SIFEL is an international and cross-disciplinary event that showcases a comprehensive range of innovative solutions and equipment to improve your production. The five pathways on offer at this 2020 edition have been enhanced and made even easier to follow. Thanks to a practical guide available at the show, you will find exhibitors, conferences and highlights referenced by theme.

The Low Carbon Pathway

New in 2020, the Low Carbon pathway highlights the commitment of the sector and its companies to achieving carbon neutrality and identifies behaviours that go beyond usual practices. Here, you will discover the players and offers committed to compliance with this approach.

The Fruit and Vegetable Pathway

The exhibition brings together the wine-arboriculture-vegetable production sectors, across which the possibilities for synergies are endless. This is why the "Fruit and Vegetable" pathway was created in 2016: for a better identification of the players but also for a new way of promoting the products. It is being repeated this year to guarantee a successful visit by providing quick access to professionals in the sector.

The Organic Pathway (a must-see!)

The Organic pathway is a tribute to organic farming and agroecology for certified producers as well as those in the process of converting their production. For the sake of clarity and efficiency, all exhibitors working in this field have been flagged to improve their visibility. Organic production solutions, conferences and professionals of the Ecophyto and Agroecology Area await to help you rise to today’s new environmental challenges.

The Spirits Pathway

Created in 2018, the Spirits pathway brings together professionals to encourage exchanges revolving around wine production, and more. This programme includes exchanges on bottling and packaging, equipment for cellars and warehouses and other services, as well as several themed conferences.

The Sparkling Wine Pathway

New in 2020, the Sparkling Wine pathway, dedicated to the players in the sparkling wine industry, will enable you to discover the latest innovations in terms of equipment for winemaking and producing, as well as packaging, marketing and digital solutions. Created in partnership with Viteff, the only international Sparkling Wine Technology Exhibition that brings together the sector’s excellence in these different fields, this pathway aims to highlight fermentation methods other than the traditional one.