From November 29 to December 1, 2022 we had the pleasure of meeting you at the Bordeaux Exhibition Centre.

What’s the program?

Vinitech-Sifel is designed by and for professionals. All the major players in the wine and fruit and vegetable industries are present to determine the topical themes that are carried during the show. Thanks to the investment of a scientific and technical committee made up of multidisciplinary experts recognized by the profession, Vinitech-Sifel offers a high-quality program, a global showcase of innovations in the sector.

Meetings, exchanges, sharing of experiences, conferences, tastings, training courses. Un programme qui promet de bons moments de cohésion et d’échange pour toute une communauté nationale et internationale. Discover the details of the program on


A program of technical conferences, symposia and forums 

VINITECH-SIFEL is also a great place to attend debates and listen to conferences on current and future issues in your sector.

In order to share the latest advances and help practices evolve, the program is built around the sharing of high-level research results, the presentation of new tools, technologies and innovative solutions to face tomorrow's challenges. Many subjects such as: agroecology, carbon neutrality, innovation, diversification, transmission, employment... are to discover during these 3 days.

Composed of more than 70 conferences, forums and symposiums, the program can be consulted online via our myvinitechsifel platform.



Inaugural conference-debate, the first vine and wine controversies

Tuesday, November 29:

Inaugural conference-debate, the first vine and wine controversies, by Groupe Réussir and IFV.


What model do we want for vineyards tomorrow:

Energy: should viticulture go towards agrivoltaics?

AOC and resistant varieties: are they compatible? How far can we plant these varieties?

Conference: "Agrivoltaics, what benefits and for whom?"

Wednesday, November 30 :

The INVENIO conference: "Agrivoltaics, what benefits and for whom?"


Topics addressed: discovery of the subject of agrivoltaics as a strategy towards decarbonation and energy sovereignty.

The symposium "Vines in revolutions: between traditions and innovations"

Wednesday, November 30:

The symposium by IFV and ISVV: "Vines in revolutions: between traditions and innovations",


It develops the usefulness of the diversity of forgotten and historical varieties, the integration of new varieties in the AOC (VIFA) and rootstocks.

The Vinipack conference dedicated to innovation in packaging

Wednesday, November 30:

The Vinipack conference by ATLANPACK dedicated to innovation in packaging.


A day dedicated to innovation in packaging: "choosing your packaging to boost your sales".

The Wine Economic Symposium

The Wine Economic Symposium, in partnership with the INSEEC Wine Chair


With two high points of public exchange between international academic researchers and wine production professionals, the symposium allows them to compare their visions on the themes of the economic forecast "the industry in 2025", as well as on "barriers to trade".


The Innovation Trophies awards ceremony

For this edition, the awards ceremony for the Innovation Trophies winners will take place at the heart of the show. The winners are designated in advance by a jury of experts.

To determine the winners, the jury refers to a grid of precise criteria: progress for the user, technical and economic progress, environmental impact, safety for the user or ergonomics are part of the evaluation criteria of the experts.

Each application is submitted to a group of experts for evaluation, under the direction of a lead expert. The jury has two and a half months during which each member carries out numerous checks, for example: visits to the candidate company, equipment tests, user feedback, consultation of resource experts, etc. The selected exhibitors are identified in the list of exhibitors available on myvinitechsifel.

Learn more about the 2022 winners


Events to boost your career 

// The Sphere of professions

The Sphere of professions space, in collaboration with  Vitijob and Apecita, offers job dating and job coaching sessions. From November 29 to December 1, Vinitech-Sifel bring together the players in training and recruitment:

  • About twenty exhibitors specialized in your fields (Grandes Ecoles, Universities, Training Centers, Recruitment firms, OPCO, MFR, Public or private organizations for education and training, professional associations...) to guide you in your training and professional projects
  • Job Dating with recruiters from all over France, to enable you to meet directly with companies that are recruiting. Registrations on

// Vinitech Training  

Vinitech-Sifel is partnering with ISVV Bordeaux Aquitaine, the center of excellence recognized in France and abroad for its training courses adapted to a whole range of professions in the wine and vine industry, to offer training sessions to its participants.

These training sessions for exhibitors and visitors (on registration) will be organized around 2 modules: "Developing fine oenological analyses to make better decisions" and "Olfactory defects in wines" (with tasting).

See the formation

Discover all the details of the program online via our myvinitechsifel platform.


Spaces to highlight selections of cutting-edge companies 

The Meetings and Innovations Pole is an open aerea for sharing knowledge and experience.

Enrich your visiting experience with thematic areas so that you can leave the show with answers adapted to your needs.



The international Start'Up Village

In partnership with Bordeaux Innovin and WineTech.


A great showcase for innovation start-ups! The village will bring together more than 30 companies, including 4 international ones, offering new technological solutions and services related to production, processing or marketing.

Low Carbon Objective area

In partnership with IFV, Bordeaux Innovin, CA33, BNIC, CIVB and Aquitaine Chimie Durable.


This new area brings together some fifteen companies presenting services or solutions with a view to reducing the carbon footprint. You can also meet the organizations that offer support to companies and sectors.

The "Low Carbon" forum will host conferences and feedback dedicated to this topic.

Eco-phyto and Agroecology aerea

In partnership with the DRAAF and the CANA.


It is both an exhibition space for a selection of equipment and services and an open forum, supporting producers in their desire to improve their practices. Transversal solutions for a collective challenge, to meet the specific expectations of producers.

Outdoor testing and demonstration area

In partnership with Agri Cap Conduite.


Discover and test live the latest innovations in machinery. 3 days of demonstrations and test drives with the latest equipment and machines.

Wine & Spirit Profiling

In partnership with IFV.


By bringing together spirits producers, our wine and spirit profiling activity promotes specific solutions and encourages exchanges. On the program: a thematic morning and tasting workshops to discover the benefits of research on flavors.


The International Village, an ideal meeting place for professionals

The VINITECH-SIFEL International Village brings together representatives of the wine, arboriculture and vegetable production sectors from many countries.

This is a must-go stop on your tour of the fair; an ideal place to share experience and boost business between visitors and exhibitors from all around the world.


// Tour the world with the producers

Tasting sessions and presentations await you at the Vinitech-Sifel International Village, at the heart of the Bordeaux Exhibition Centre. For every edition of the trade show, we welcome international groups of professionals and producers to offer you a genuine round-the-world trip. The reputation of the world’s wine capital associated with the renown of the trade show facilitates meetings between professionals from each sector.

In 2022, meet representatives in your sector from South Africa, Mexico, Georgia, Madagascar, Palestine, Kosovo, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria, Romania, Spain, Canada, Portugal, Tunisia, Italy, Greece, Austria. This is a unique opportunity to discover production methods, techniques and solutions from elsewhere and to open up to new markets.

// High quality contacts at the International Village

The International Village is open to our visitors, guests and exhibitors, to boost everyone’s business. What are the specifics of the international wine market? What are the prospects for French wines? Which French innovations could be exported? This area aims to provide answers to all these questions and many more, but more especially to help foster contacts.