The health crisis surrounding the spread of COVID-19 and the government measures implemented to remedy it are exposing economic stakeholders to very immediate difficulties. Faced with this situation, the Vinitech-Sifel team is more mobilised than ever and is on hand at all times to respond to your expectations or answer any questions you might have. We would like to reassert that we remain hard at work on preparing Vinitech-Sifel and confirm that it will be held from 1st to 3 December 2020. Guided by our Scientific and Technical Committee, Vinitech-Sifel will be addressing issues such as the latest innovations in vine-growing and winemaking for the future. We are hard at work to make sure that everyone can find the answer to their challenges at the trade show. - The VINITECH-SIFEL team



Innovation is at the heart of VINITECH-SIFEL's DNA, it showcases the dynamism of the wine-arboriculture-vegetable growing sector. Come and be inspired and leave with new solutions for your cultivation needs.

VINITECH-SIFEL, the sector’s key event in innovation

Innovation: allowing you to see further

At VINITECH-SIFEL, you’ll find all the technological innovations and tools of tomorrow that are vital to your development. From cultivation techniques to marketing, including new-generation agricultural machinery and management software, we showcase an offer that is representative of the current market. And this is thanks to our 850 exhibitors, start-ups and large local, national and international companies.
VINITECH-SIFEL also presents the Innovation Trophies. An unmissable event that recognises the most innovative techniques, products and processes for the wine-arboriculture-vegetable growing sector: sprayer optimisation, software for wine growers, automated sorting systems, and even improvements in energy efficiency. This event is always a long-awaited highlight that provides an overview of solutions that improve productivity.

The Ecophyto-Agroecology section and innovation in organic cultivation

If organic production methods are important to you, or you would like to change your practices, then at VINITECH-SIFEL, you can discover a range of equipment. You can meet with organic cultivation specialists and, in addition to an area of the exhibition that is entirely devoted to the subject, there are several conferences on ecological transition, biodynamics, short supply chain and organic farming systems. Here, you will find the answers to your questions, enabling you to adopt the best equipment and practices in line with modern agroecology.

Taking steps towards experimentation

True innovation involves trying and testing solutions in a tangible way in the workplace. Previous Innovation Trophies have resulted in advances for the wine industry. Tomorrow, it won’t be prototypes, but robots and digital devices that will help you manage your cellar, oversee the vinification process, and work your land. This is precisely what we and the exhibitors VINITECH-SIFEL are excited to present.