Test the latest innovations and attend the demonstrations!

Discover and test live the latest innovations in machinery. 3 days of demonstrations and test drives with the latest equipment and machinery.

A unique space dedicated to agricultural machinery demonstrations led by Agri Cap Conduite

Do you want to invest in new machinery to simplify your tasks and improve the performance of your farm?

Vinitech-Sifel offers you three days of demonstrations of agricultural machinery and state-of-the-art machines in partnership with the Agri Cap Conduite school. Come and visit the demo and test area!  The manufacturers will present the latest advances in the field of machinery for efficient, fast and less tiring production and they will give you the subtleties on how to use each machine. 

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The demonstration area is run by Agri Cap Conduite during the 3 days of the Vinitech-Sifel show. This wine-growing machinery driving school provides job seekers, employees and farm managers with a professional agricultural technical driving and maintenance certificate for agricultural machinery.