International Village

The VINITECH-SIFEL International Village brings together representatives of the wine, arboriculture and vegetable production sectors from many countries. This is a must-go stop on your tour of the fair; an ideal place to share experience and boost business between visitors and exhibitors from all around the world.

The International Village, an ideal meeting place for professionals

Tour the world with the producers

Tasting sessions and presentations await you at the VINITECH-SIFEL International Village, at the heart of the Bordeaux Exhibition Centre.

For every edition of the trade show, we welcome international groups of professionals and producers to offer you a genuine round-the-world trip. The reputation of the world’s wine capital associated with the renown of the trade show facilitates meetings between professionals from each sector.

In 2018, meet representatives in your sector from Serbia, Russia, Georgia, Croatia, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Portugal, Tunisia, Australia, India, Belgium, Brazil, Mexique, Malta and Madagascar. This is a unique opportunity to discover production methods, techniques and solutions from elsewhere and to open up to new markets. 

High quality contacts at the International Village

The International Village is open to our visitors, guests and exhibitors, to boost everyone’s business.

What are the specifics of the international wine market? What are the prospects for French wines? Which French innovations could be exported? This area aims to provide answers to all these questions and many more, but more especially to help foster contacts.

The International Village shares the same aim as the Meetings and Innovations business booster services at the event. Avail also of the Business Meetings area for your professional appointments or visit the Job and Training Convention dedicated to employment and recruitment.