Oenovation Awards

Vine and wine innovation competition.

The 12th Oenovation Trophy

The Oenovation Trophy, led by the Bordeaux Montesquieu Technology Park since 2001, is still the only award of its kind in France.

This competition honours entrepreneurs with an innovative project that is less than four years old, as well existing companies with plans to launch or further develop products and services for the wine-growing industry. The award is a springboard for companies in the wine-growing sector developing projects that combine traditional expertise, innovation, technology and creativity. The panel of judges includes scientific experts, manufacturers, producers and merchants from the wine-growing sector along with regional economic development stakeholders.

The winner of the Oenovation Trophy will receive a prize of €38,500, as well as support in the form of legal advice and assistance in business, marketing and innovation. In addition, Congrès Expositions de Bordeaux will offer the winner a stand at the Vinitech-Sifel fair. The winner will also be receive a media plan, membership of the Inno’Vin cluster and support from the Unitec team. The Bordeaux Montesquieu Technology Park also undertakes to host the winning company at its business incubator in Martillac, with six months’ rent for the office paid by the Montesquieu Combined District Council.

The winners:

The Bordeaux-based start-up MyBalthazar is the winner of the 2018 Oenovation Trophy. Their eponymous application allows wine estates to control their online image and communication by analysing their online reputation.

The start-up Biopythos won second place. This company won the award for its ceramic jars used as a natural alternative to vinification containers, by combining controlled oxygenation technology and ancient amphorae.

The awards ceremony will be held at the Vinitech Sifel Fair on 21 November.