Innovation Awards

Discover the Innovation Trophies, a true commercial and marketing booster.

The 21th Innovation Trophies

Vinitech-Sifel, a major showcase for innovation, places award-winning companies at the forefront with the Innovation Trophies.

More than just a simple award, these Trophies constitute a genuine acknowledgement by the sector and represent a strong sales and marketing booster. From some sixty entries this year, the experts of the Scientific and Technical Committee will choose the much-awaited winners on 6 September. 

The 21th Innovation Trophies’ prize-winners list

The award ceremony in pictures

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3 categories: Growing Techniques, Vines & Wines, Fruits & Vegetables

5 levels of awards:

  • The Special Judges' Prize (with €5,000 going to the winning company)
  • Gold, Silver and Bronze Trophies (for each category)
  • Special Mentions

3 key dates:

  • 18 June: close of applications
  • September: announcement of the list of prize-winners
  • November: awarding of Trophies to winners at the VINITECH-SIFEL official awards ceremony

Gain a head start

The Trophies are a sign of recognition from the profession for applied projects and provide a powerful boost to the reputation and business of the award-winning companies.

  • A genuine recognition by the sector: a multi-disciplinary panel of experts highly regarded within the profession
  • National and international media impact (30% of press and web spinoffs in France)
  • High-profile promotion at the trade show before, during and after the event
  • Live presentations and specific staging of the laureates are ensuring an effective way to guide visitors to your stand
  • Coverage in the official documents of the trade show (catalogue, internet, media relations, map…)
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A panel of 40 French and international experts

The best innovations are selected by the VINITECH-SIFEL Scientific and Technical Committee, co-chaired by Pierre Gaillard and Christophe Riou. This year, this committee consists of a multi-disciplinary panel of 40 experts who are highly regarded within the profession: research lecturers, engineers from technical institutes, engineers from Chambers of Agriculture, and industry representatives, etc. These specialists also include German, Swiss, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese experts.

Pierre GAILLARD – Jury President

Engineer by training, Pierre GAILLARD has been sharing his technical expertise in the fruit and vegetables sector for many years. He is Director of Ciref (varietal innovation) and Invenio (fruits and vegetables applied research), interfaces which main purpose is to turn innovation into added-value dedicates to the production companies.

Alain Pierre BERTRAND

Retired professor of oenology at the University Bordeaux, chemist, oenologist, Alain Pierre Bertrand is a french expert of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) for the methods of analysis and specifications of the oenological products.

Marie-Madeleine CAILLET

Enologist from UER Reims - 38 years of experience in oenology

  • Analysis, advice on vinification of sparkling and still wines from France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Chile, Argentina, Australia...
  • Implementation of winemaking processes 
  • Technical direction Research and development "oenological practices" 
  • General management, company management, resource management, budgeting, R & D contribution to the development of the company. 
  • Expert of the French delegation to the OIV, member of the CAC of INAO, expert Filière vitivinicole, Vice-President Union of Oenologists of France

Oenologist, Assistant to the Head of Department DRAAF - FranceAgriMer Nouvelle Aquitaine.

  • Head of the Viticulture and Specialty Crops Unit.
  • In charge of the restructuring of the vineyard, the planting authorizations and the investigation of the requests for financing in research-experimentation.
  • Regional Manager for the certification of vine plants.
  • Expert in the Permanent Technical Committee for the selection (CTPS) vine section and facilitator of the Commission of Certification and Control.

Agricultural engineer, Pascal Guilbault is in charge of the "experimentation-diffusion" section of the Vine and Wine department of the Chamber of Agriculture of the Gironde. This department provides, with various partnerships, the implementation of experiments on themes such as soil management and maintenance, plant material, vineyard protection or oenological practices and products.

Philippe LAVEIX

Philippe LAVEIX is a French notary located in the Gironde.

He is the president of JURISVIN, a national trade association that includes 45 notaries, all settled in wine production areas and specialised in wine and viticultural law.

Nathalie OLLAT

Nathalie Ollat is a Research Engineer at INRA in the UMR of Ecophysiology and Functional Genomics of Vine (EGFV, Bordeaux-ISVV). She is a specialist in vine physiology interacting with the environment. She is particularly interested in the role of the rootstock with the applied goal of creating new genotypes more resistant to constraining situations.

More recently, she has been involved in the coordination of a national project on the impacts and adaptations of the Vine and Wine sector to climate change. Since April 2018, she has been Director of the UMR EGFV.

Johannes RÖSTI

Trained in biotechnology and plant biology, Dr. Johannes RÖSTI currently leads the office for viticulture and plant protection of the canton Neuchâtel in Switzerland.

Beforehand he worked 10 years as research group leader for winemaking at Agroscope, the competence center for agronomical research of the Swiss government. Thanks to his experience as researcher in the brewing industry and a diploma in brewing at the beginning of his career, he is also familiar with the field of other fermented beverages.

Corinne SCOTTO

Trained in health and safety at work, CORINNE SCOTTO is a preventer at the MSA GIRONDE, a social protection organization dedicated to the agricultural world.

Serving companies and operating managers, she brings her advice and experience in the identification and control of occupational risks.

Pierre-Louis TEISSEDRE

Enologist from the Pharmacy Faculty of Montpellier in 1989 and Doctor of the University Montpellier 1, he was in 1993 and 1994 Doctor associate of the University of California, Davis – USA in the department of Enology and Viticulture.

Pierre-Louis TEISSEDRE is Full Professor in the Institute of Vines and Wines Sciences (ISVV) of the University of Bordeaux and was Adjunct Director of the UMR 1219 Œnologie INRA (Mixed Research Unit) with the responsibility of the Oenopro Group; actually he is directing the applied Chemistry Laboratory of the USC 1366 Oenologie. Pierre-Louis TEISSEDRE is expert in the group of Technology and is the Scientific Secretary of the Commission «Safety and Health» of the International Wines and Vines Organization (OIV).

He is the Director of Oenoviti international network (55 partners) and Head of the National Oenologist Diploma, Master Erasmus Mundus Wintour as well as Foreign Office in ISVV.

He is Rector of the French National Oenologist Union and specialized in the research field of grapes and wines phenolic compounds: qualitative, sensorial and physiological, analytical chemistry of grape and wine, wine quality during winemaking and ageing, food safety (contaminants) and health in the science of oenology. He developed a lot of scientific collaborations at industrial and academic levels. He is author of more than 300 publications and communications in international journals with peer reviews and is co-inventor of 11 patents.


Ingeneer in agricultural techniques and environment, Karine BARRIERE is responsable for the vegetable’s pole 'specialized crops' within the Chamber of Agriculture of Corrèze, an organization dedicated to agricultural development.

Serving farmers, she provides advice and expertise in fruit-and-vegetables and viticulture. She’s specializes in crop’s protection, formation and leads producer groups involved in the ECOPHYTO program.


Since 2010, Gilles BRIANCEAU has been director of the INNO'VIN cluster whose role is to support innovation in the wine sector in order to face its issues. Holder of the DUAD (Bordeaux University) and a graduate of Sciences Po Bordeaux, he has been a winemaker for 12 years. This experience and its current position at the heart of research and development gives him a broad and concrete vision of innovation.


Hubert Cazalis has a Master’s degree in Planning and Rural Development and is director of the “Technopole Agrinove” of the Lot-et-Garonne in the South-West of France. The Technopole serves to bring together economic activities and companies involved in the early stages of agricultural production.

As director, in 2013 Hubert helped to set up a mechanization cluster, which under his guidance as coordinator has grown to include twenty agricultural equipment manufacturers. He also played a key role in the 2014 launch of the national competition "Innovations for Agriculture", and is currently in preparation for its 5th year.


An educational engineer in the AgroTIC Master at Montpellier SupAgro, Thomas Crestey is in charge of Mas Numérique, a Mediterranean vineyard using marketed technologies for viticulture and oenology. At the interface of technologies and viticultural production, this position allows him to feed the reflection with the partner companies and to contextualize the lessons of the training of AgroTIC engineers.



Studies, process development & technical assistance on different products: Gobeletterie, Jars, Bottles and Customers


Customer technical assistance worldwide
Establishment of a R & D service closures and overcaps
Revitalization of an R & D department Aluminium tubes and Aerosols
Drafting and deposit of ~ 75 French and several hundred worldwide patents


Expertise and quality dispute management between suppliers of packaging elements, equipment manufacturers, bottlers and consumers.
CURRENTLY - Always a member of CETIE, AFNOR & CEN since 35 years


Maude Le Corre is a journalist for a professional french magazine : Réussir Fruits et Légumes, adressed to fruit and vegetable producers . After an agriculture engineer diploma, she worked as an experimenter and in agricultural professional organizations.

These work experiences brought her technical skills to apprehend the challenges of the French arboricultural sector.


Engineer, Msc, PhD and Habilitation in Food Science and Engineering.
Full professor of Enology at l’Instituto Superior de Agronomia (ISA), University of Lisbon, Portugal.

The main scientific area of research and expertise is the grape and wine phenolic compounds in relation to wine ageing, and winemaking in general.

Coordinator of the Vinifera Euromaster Msc in Viticulture and Enology) in Portugal; Coordinator of the Master in Viticulture and Oenology Engineering (University of Lisbon and University of Oporto + INIAV/ EVN); Member of the Portuguese Oenologists Association (APE).


Professor at the University of Bordeaux, Gilles de Revel is Honorary Dean of the Faculty of Oenology.
His scientific expertise in analytical chemistry and sensory evaluation for 30 years enriches his teaching in various oenology degrees. At ISVV, he heads a research team focused on the fermentation and tertiary aromas of wine.

Strict selection criteria

To reach a verdict on the innovations in contention for a prize, the judging panel refers to a table of precise criteria: originality, user benefits, technical and economic benefits, environmental impact, safety and ergonomics are all carefully examined. Each application is submitted for evaluation by three experts, under the supervision of a lead expert. The panel has a period of two and a half months in which to reach its verdict, during which each member carries out several checks: visits to the applicant company's site, tests of the equipment, consultations with consultant experts, etc.

‘Vinitech-Sifel has always been a pioneer in terms of sector projections. It remains an international benchmark in technological and scientific innovation. The renown of the Innovation Trophies embodies its position as leader. However, with business sectors which are constantly changing, we need foresight in order to provide the most comprehensive and representative showcase of the market and manufacturer’s latest developments. Serving growth and the visibility of innovative companies, Vinitech-Sifel must continue bringing players together.

This year we will be welcoming the winning companies of the Wilaaw competition for wine label designers and of the International Wine in Box Competition for BIB wines. Visitors will also discover the winning innovations of the Oenovation Trophy (solutions for the wine-producing sector), organised in partnership with Bordeaux Montesquieu Technical Park, and of the Amorim Foundation Grand Prix, for young entrepreneurs with an innovative project around wine for the sommelier sector, wine retailers, supermarkets or the public

Delphine Demade