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Discover the numerous conferences presented by the Meeting and innovation Hub.

As a driver of new challenges, Vinitech-Sifel is also a key moment for discussion, debate and meetings.

In the framework of the “Meetings and Innovations Hub”, the fair will gather numerous experts around 65 conferences and forums, with simultaneous interpretation for certain events. Key topics for branches and cross-cutting issues for the wine-growing and fruit & vegetable sectors will be explored. 15 forums will be devoted to agroecology, with discussions on tillage, automation, resistant plant varieties, company management, etc

conferences program

Our fair is seen as a pluralistic platform for exchange. It enables all visitors, regardless of the size of their business or farm and whatever their production, to find their place and discover the advances that will improve their practices on a daily basis. Vinitech-Sifel must offer tailor-made solutions. This is the key message we hope to convey.

Delphine Demade

conferences program

Conference translations:

For everyone to enjoy, we offer translations of some conferences simultaneously via Linguali Event, for our foreign visitors.

Here are the guidelines to access this service:

Right now you should install the free Linguali Event mobile app on your smartphone (Android or Apple):
On the day of the event:

  • Bing your earphones with you, as well as your (fully charged) device

At the beginning of the event, you will:

  • Connect your mobile to the Wi-Fi network
  • Launch the Linguali Event app on your smartphone
  • Choose the language in which you wish to listen to the interpreter
  • and sit back and listen! It’s as simple as that.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to ask for support.