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The leading global trade show

For 3 days, professionals, decision-makers and journalists from all around the world are coming to Vinitech Sifel.

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An ambitious media plan
Vinitech-Sifel's plan to recruit well-qualified visitors from abroad draws on a challenging above and below-the-line media strategy to optimize your commercial transactions

Vinitech Sifel

Wine, arboriculture and vegetable production sectors are willing to overcome challenges by reinventing themselves.

Therefore, the trade show is giving pride of place to technological innovations!

Encouraging innovation

The trade show awards numerous categories with:

  • The Innovation Trophies are awarded to the most innovative products, techniques and processes
  • The AMORIM Trophies which promote innovation by young business creators in products and services intended for the wine-growing industry
  • As well as the oenovation Trophies

The Agroecological Area 

In this 730 sqm area, visitors can discover some of the latest confined spraying equipment that helps to reduce drift and can also chat with technicians and experts. 

Technical Visits

A programme of technical visits to different wine chateaus in the region at the cutting edge of new technologies

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