CDR WineLab® is the system that allows you to perform in-house a whole panel of analyses to assess the winemaking process from the beginning to the final product. with CDR WineLab® you can perform a wide panel of chemical analyses on wine and must in a simple and fast way, both in laboratory and at winemaking plant in winery. you no longer need to rely on dedicated external laboratories, the results of the tests are available in real time so you can promptly take key decisions during the winemaking process. CDR WineLab® analysis systems use disposable pre-vialed reagents specifically developed by the research laboratories of cdr. the use of pre-vialed reagents and the analytical procedures allow: to make analytical procedures extremely fast and easy and to remove all needs for complex calibration procedures.

  • Brand : Cdr winelab ®, Cdr beerlab ®, Cdr ciderlab, Cdr kombuchalab
  • Sector : Cellar and Warehouse Equipment


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