we manage and develope patents in wine production. the last one is about fermentation of graps skins with calrified juices. for that, we work with partner cmv in villeneuve sur lot who developes and produces for biomco some machines that helps to use this technic. there is a continus pressing machine and a separating machine (juice from skin). all this machines are very usefull, easy to use and practicals.

  • Brand : Cmv, Biomco
  • Sector : Cellar and Warehouse Equipment
  • Keywords : Débourbeurs, clarificateurs, Egouttoirs dynamiques, Egouttoirs et séparateurs de moûts, Egouttoirs-pressoirs, Egrappoirs, érafloirs, Pressoirs à fonctionnement mécanique, Pressoirs à fonctionnement pneumatique, Pressoirs continus à vis


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