Congrès & Expositions de Bordeaux informs

As a responsible company organizing events, we pay particular attention to the evolution and spread of the Covid-19 virus and will keep you constantly informed on the evolution of the situation. Following the regulatory protocol to combat and contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus in the workplaces, we had to work toward a re-modulation of our process. If you need to contact us, please send an email to Our team will take note of it and will reply as soon as possible. In compliance with its primary objective and dispite the extraordinary situation, all our team remains at your disposal for any request and will make every effort to ensure good quality events.


The pathways

To provide enhanced visibility, VINITECH-SIFEL offers several themed pathway.

An additional offer to boost your visibility!

4 thematic, 4 themed visits

For enhanced visibility and to enable visitors to identify your solutions rapidly, VINITECH-SIFEL offers several themed pathway. Exhibitors can join the Organics, the Fruit & Vegetable or the Brandy pathways, as well as the new pathway for the 2020 edition: CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).


New for 2020, this pathway identifies exhibitors who lead a responsible strategy within their company.


This guide dedicated to our fruit and veg producers enables them to identify exhibitors who offer products that can be used for fruit and vegetable production as well as wine growing, highlighting the similarities between the different cultivation techniques.


In response to the specific expectations of our visitors VINITECH-SIFEL launched this practical guide in 2016. The pathway identifies products that can be used in organic farming, highlights the conferences that cover the topic and gives an overview of the organic market in France.


Launched in 2018, this guide focuses on the offer available around distilled wines.
French brandies are known all over the world, this guide will help our visitors identify the suppliers and manufacturers that will help make their brandy famous!