Congrès & Expositions de Bordeaux informs

As a responsible company organizing events, we pay particular attention to the evolution and spread of the Covid-19 virus and will keep you constantly informed on the evolution of the situation. Following the regulatory protocol to combat and contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus in the workplaces, we had to work toward a re-modulation of our process. If you need to contact us, please send an email to Our team will take note of it and will reply as soon as possible. In compliance with its primary objective and dispite the extraordinary situation, all our team remains at your disposal for any request and will make every effort to ensure good quality events.


I want to participate

As an international event and a major benchmark for professionals in the wine-arboriculture-vegetable production sectors, VINITECH-SIFEL provides you with a whole range of services to facilitate your participation.

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Who should I contact for information ?  

You are a French-based company:

For all queries regarding the Cultivation Techniques, Bottling & Packaging and the Services & Training sections, or the Ecophyto and Start-up areas, contact:


Phone: +33 5 56 11 31 63

For all queries regarding the Wine Cellars & Warehouses sector, contact:

Catherine SEILLAN

Phone: +33 5 56 11 99 36

You are an international company:

Please contact:


Phone: +33 5 56 11 31 63

You can also contact us via the : contact form

How can I optimise my visibility at the show ? 

VINITECH-SIFEL offers a variety of solutions to boost your visibility before and during the show. Whether it is for additional communication services on your stand, your listing in the digital catalogue, publicity for your brand along the exhibition pathways, or your competition entry for the 22nd edition of the Innovation Trophies, VINITECH-SIFEL offers you a wide range of opportunities to generate qualified contacts.

What tools are on offer to facilitate contacts with the show organisers ?

As soon as you register, you will have access to EOLE, a dedicated platform. Here you will find practical, technical & regulatory guidelines; order forms, passes, setting-up/dismantling information and the E-invitation interface.


Once I’m registered, how do I get ready for the show ?

While VINITECH-SIFEL is renowned for its business opportunities, your participation in the show requires careful planning to optimise your chances of success.