The health crisis surrounding the spread of COVID-19 and the government measures implemented to remedy it are exposing economic stakeholders to very immediate difficulties. Faced with this situation, the Vinitech-Sifel team is more mobilised than ever and is on hand at all times to respond to your expectations or answer any questions you might have. We would like to reassert that we remain hard at work on preparing Vinitech-Sifel and confirm that it will be held from 1st to 3 December 2020. Guided by our Scientific and Technical Committee, Vinitech-Sifel will be addressing issues such as the latest innovations in vine-growing and winemaking for the future. We are hard at work to make sure that everyone can find the answer to their challenges at the trade show. - The VINITECH-SIFEL team


Bottling & Packaging

Bottling and Packaging, sectors in renewal

How can we bottle, store and package wine and Brandy to meet the latest consumer demands? The 45,000 professionals from the wine-producing sector present at the VINITECH-SIFEL fair need your innovations to adapt. By exhibiting from 1 to 3 December 2020, you can bring them tailor-made solutions and grow your business.

Promote your bottling and packaging solutions thanks to VINITECH-SIFEL


From bottling to sealing techniques, cleaning and storing, packaging issues are a daily concern for professionals in the wine sector. VINITECH-SIFEL is devoting a specific area to this aspect, to meet the requirements of its visitors and enable you to showcase your products. Position yourself in a market undergoing complete renewal: 66% of visitors attend the fair primarily to discover new innovations. This is an ideal opportunity to promote your techniques and innovations to qualified prospects at Bordeaux Exhibition Centre.

In addition to a dedicated section, the fair provides many ways to showcase innovative packaging solutions. These topics will be the subject of several conferences and form a specific category of the Innovation Trophies. VINITECH-SIFEL also provides an outstanding springboard for the winners of the WILAAW (labels), AMORIM (Innovation & Development Grand Prize) and Bag in Box competitions. Lastly, the ViniPack seminar facilitates meetings around marketing and packaging.

VINITECH-SIFEL, a major event to showcase your products

The VINITECH-SIFEL trade show is geared towards all buyers, stakeholders and business providers in the sector.

Exhibiting at the show represents an excellent opportunity to present your products to your customers and new prospects on an international scale: 70 countries will be represented by the 45,000 visitors expected over three days. 

Moreover, during the previous edition, 81% of our growers, cooperatives and producers declared a land area exceeding 10 hectares and 45% exceeding 30 hectares.

More than one visitor in two attended for business purposes and more than one in three reported that VINITECH-SIFEL was a place to prepare or finalise their investments.

Given that 9 out of 10 visitors intend to return to the event, there is no better way to raise your profile.

French and international reach

The last edition of the VINITECH-SIFEL show received coverage through more than 620 articles or reports. This high-quality impact with in-depth reporting, particularly by specialist media, was supported by around 200 print publications, more than 200,000 email, post and SMS contacts and high online and social media visibility.

A must-go event internationally, VINITECH-SIFEL is supported by key organisations to roll out publicity campaigns in 33 high-potential countries across 5 continents :

  • The Promosalons international network, a network devoted exclusively to the international promotion of French trade shows, handles marketing and communication actions around the fair.
  • The partners’ network, composed of key stakeholders in the wine-arboriculture-vegetable production sectors: IFV, Propulso, L'Union des Oenologues de France, La Chambre d'Agriculture, the FNSEA, the MSA, the CIVB, and the FNPF relay all the news of the show to their members.    

Join the other businesses in this sector to form part of VINITECH-SIFEL’s comprehensive offer and benefit from international exposure to visitors from 70 countries.

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