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Vinitech-Sifel: Driving Innovation

Innovation overview in the "innovations and new solutions" area
3 competitions to launch tomorrow's solutions

Since its creation in 1977, VINITECH-SIFEL has set out to become the French and international leader for technological, technical and scientific innovation in the industries that it represents. Reflecting a form of agriculture that evolves and adapts to new environmental and economic issues, this biennial event will give a preview of many innovations in the vine-growing and winemaking world as well as in the arboricultural and market gardening industries.

This forward-looking vocation will also be apparent in the competitions, such as the Innovation Trophies and the Oenovation® Trophy, which seek to reward and support projects that will shape the future of these sectors. 

Innovation overview in the "innovations and new solutions" area

The latest advances in all sectors, including the award-winning products in the Innovation Trophies, will be on show in this area at the heart of the Ideas Forum. Consisting of explanatory pictures and notices, this overview will allow potential investors and any professionals wishing to improve their productivity to familiarise themselves with all of this year's award-winning solutions and the many new solutions proposed by the exhibitors, on a single visit to the area.

Three competitions to launch tomorrow's solutions

20th innovation trophies: success based on the highest standards  

The Innovation Trophies — a major event organised by VINITECH-SIFEL — are awarded to the most innovative products, techniques and processes in the vine-growing and winemaking world, and also in the fruit and vegetable sector. Each edition has been a resounding success with more than 60 applications received and examined and 19 awards presented in 2014. 

See the 2016 Innovation Trophies

A showcase for innovation in our industries

Tremendously popular with companies both nationally and internationally, the Innovation Trophies illustrate the industries' strong potential to devise ways of increasing not just the quantity but also the quality of production.

"Sustainable development underpins the innovations rewarded by this event", explains Jean-Luc Berger, a technical advisor to VINITECH-SIFEL and the former National Technical Director of the French Vine and Wine Institute (Institut français de la vigne et du vin — IFV).

"Several major trends have emerged in vineyards and orchards, as well as in wineries: precision agriculture with plot data management, combining information technology and geolocation, in addition to the development of vineyard robotics. With a view to reducing the amounts of phytosanitary inputs, research is also focusing on mechanical weed control, not forgetting the vast field of digital applications". 

A marketing and commercial springboard to support innovative companies

The Trophies are a sign of recognition from the profession for applied projects and provide a powerful boost to the reputation and business of the award-winning companies. "The strength of this competition is to give start-ups and small SMEs the same media influence as major French or international manufacturers, giving a significant boost to their development" emphasises Pierre Gaillard, Director of Invenio — the research and experimentation centre for the fruit and vegetable sector in the Aquitaine region. 

11th Oenovation Trophy: encouraging young business creators in the wine-growing sector 

Created in 2001 by the Bordeaux Monstesquieu Technology Park and organised in partnership with VINITECH-SIFEL, the Oenovation® Trophy remains a one-of-a-kind competition in France: its role is to promote innovation by young business creators in products and services intended for the wine-growing industry. 

To support and promote these pioneering projects proposed by entrepreneurs or by young companies less than four years old, the 11th edition of the Oenovation Trophy will offer the award-winning company an overall prize of €37,000, and will also include support in the form of legal advice and assistance with marketing and commercial strategy. Furthermore, to promote the development of the award-winning project, the Bordeaux Montesquieu Technology Park undertakes to accommodate the prizewinner in its business incubator in Martillac (Gironde). The Montesquieu Community of Municipalities has agreed to pay six months' rent for this office.

The panel of judges, consisting of scientific experts, industrialists, producers from the wine-growing sector, merchants and regional development stakeholders, will announce its verdict during the month of September. The Oeonovation Trophy will be awarded during the Gala Evening on Wednesday 30 November.

New: 1st grand innovation & development prize sponsored by the academie amorim

VINITECH-SIFEL will be hosting the "Grand Innovation & Development Prize" award ceremony, created by the Académie Amorim in 2016. This new competition is aimed at young business creators who have implemented an innovative wine-related project targeting wine waiters, wine shops, supermarket retailers or the general public. Different fields of application are covered: production, the environment, technologies and marketing, as well as communication and culture. 

The "Grand Innovation & Development Prize" selection committee consists of personalities from the wine world and is chaired by the author, journalist and blogger Ophélie Neimanand. The panel will award the €5,000 prize.

This new financial support confirms the Académie Amorim's aim to promote the emergence of the next major innovations in relation to wine. 

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