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  • 1977: Vinitech’s debut session.
  • 1981: Creation of the first World Wine and Spirits Week. Vinitech and Vinexpo team up to present wine-making / bottling techniques and equipment under one roof, together with end products: wines and spirits.
  • 1991: Vinitech enjoys a huge boost as a result of the success of the latest combined show. From this date on, the shows are held in alternate years, with Vinexpo taking place in June in odd numbered and Vinitech in December in even numbered years.
  • 1992 – 2006: Vinitech becomes the industry’s leading event, with more than 1,000 brands featured and some 40,000 visitors, 15% international. Vinitech becomes a global leader with Vinitech America Latina (in Santiago, Chile) and Vinitech China (Shandong Province).
  • 2008: Vinitech reinforces its image of openness under the banner ‘A world of exchanges in a changing world’. It is the only major French trade show to be internationally recognised as a leading wine industry event and B2B forum, offering attendees numerous opportunities for networking, making contacts, exchanging information and actively taking part in forums and discussions on techniques and know-how.
  • 2010:Vinitech and Sifel will take place simultaneously in Bordeaux. Bringing these two international events together reinforces the synergy between the two agricultural sectors and emphasises Bordeaux’s role as a dynamic economic platform with a strong regional focus. This expanded event, aimed at a broader trade audience, is expected to attract some 1,500 exhibitors and 50,000 visitors to the Bordeaux Exhibition Centre between 30 November and 2 December 2010.
  • 2012: An edition of first rank. Vinitech Sifel still demonstrates its place as a major meeting for the professionals of the wine-producing, tree-dwelling and truck-farming sectors. The show confirmed the dynamism of an industry capable of adapting itself to the necessities of the market and of innovating.
  • 2014 : A healthy 44,160 trade visitors (including 15% international), quality presentations and an excellent level of business transacted, Vinitech-Sifel 2014 was confirmed as a leading international event reflecting the vitality and determination of the sectors represented. 

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